Gait Analysis is the systematic study of human walking. Postural assessment both standing and in locomotion is also assessed. It is a tool used in the medical management of diseases and pathologies (injuries) that occur during locomotion and movement.

Mr Livingstone specialises in the function of the foot and lower limb during locomotion and as such uses various forms of gait analysis in his diagnosis of pathology and treatment of those problems. Digital imaging, through high speed digital video camera that is then analysis through biomechanics software allows a detailed slow motion view of the angulations your back, hip, knee, ankle and foot go through during your gait cycle. Pressure plate analysis allow him to assess the contact function of your foot on the ground and allow assessment of the functional changes that occur when wearing shoes or orthoses.

The simplest form of gait analysis is to simply observe a patient walking and this is always done on your initial assessment. All investigations are fundamentally done to reach a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan and after 25 years of experience and training Mr Livingstone can often make these without having to resort to expensive tests.

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