Shock Wave Therapy

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy, or ESWT, has emerged as a possible treatment option for patients with chronic plantar fasciitis, Achilles problems and has even been used in non healing bones. ESWT delivers focused shock waves to the body. There is both a high-energy and low-energy form of ESWT, radial low energy shock wave requires no anesthesia and has a growing body of evidence to support its use.

Low-energy shock wave treatments are given as a series of three or more treatments. The low-energy shock waves are not painful, or only mildly painful. You can drive straight after each session and no further intervention is normally requires. You should not take anti inflammatory medication when having this treatment.

Shock wave therapy is thought to work by inducing micro trauma to the tissue. This microtrauma initiates a healing response by the body. This healing response causes blood vessel formation and increased delivery of nutrients to the affected area. The microtrauma is thought to stimulate a repair process and relieve the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Mr Livingstone will always advise on the best treatment available for you and whether he feels you will be suitable for this treatment. Mr Livingstone currently provides ESWT at Spire Hospital Bushey, Spire Hospital Harpenden, The Clementine Churchill Hospital and 9 Harley Street as well as on the NHS

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